RP just to RP

I saw this quote on the TOR forums recently, and it is probably one of the most accurate things I've ever heard.

If your goal was to RP it up I think it's wrong. Your intro goes against what the Republic stands for, their ideals. But if you're kinda part RP and part 'just for fun', I get it.

I will be laughing at alot of the hardcore RP guilds that pop up in this game. After playing Champions Online a bit, I've learned that RP people RP because they just love to RP, not because they love the lore. So in Champions Online these guys are found in the bars talking as if they're actual superheroes and giving each other fake drinks.

I'm not going RP but I know Star Wars and the Old Republic time period in n out so I can't wait to criticize the guilds who play this game just to make up for the fact that there's not Star Wars: Second Life out yet.

There are alot of people that like to Role Play in General, and I can understand that, it's fun. But there is a huge difference between RPing Star Wars, and RPing. I find alot of people that RP Star Wars make their Imperials stupid, or very British (like 14th century) or forget the general attitiude that is the person in the Star Wars universe. It's very easy to try to typecast a character as having to be those things, but the reality is that being in an advanced civilization, the people in SW are likely to be more like us in modern day than anywhere else.

I think that TOR is gonna be very story heavy, and will foster a general role playing environment, and I hope those RP'ers can have some fun with it.

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