Updates and Art

Ok, so if you're like me and you scour the face of Sony for updates and information to the game, then you know they have this odd habit of not updating their site until after something has been out for a while.

Case in point, I missed the last promo card, because that weekend slipped my mind. The TCG site is really behind in their updates but they did put out the new scenario. A result of a win here is the Han Solo Statuette, which is actually pretty cool, but I like all the statuettes. That brings the count to Vader, Leia, the Emperor and now Solo (I'm still in the air on counting Chewie). I'm thinking we will see Luke some time soon.

Even though the TCG is based off of our main game, it has done a decent job of interpreting items from the movies and adding them without making game breaking alteration. Though I do wish they would give schematics as opposed to the item in some cases, I think it's still fairly balanced.
If you haven't had a chance you should check out the art at the SOE Art Portal. It's mostly the art for the projects they own, so there is no SW stuff there, but the good outweighs the bad in this case.

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