Clone Jedi?

Razmataz, this is the type of thing that makes me sad, and want to leave the SW fold sometimes. I can understand that she is a writer, and that there are probably some elements at work that we (the consumer) don't know about, but IMO retconning a whole section of storyline that is really good, creative and in some ways the definition of some pretty large characters is just, well... Let's just say it's what kept DC from being the best comic book publisher in the 90's.

Karen Traviss, I am sad to see you go. I will hold onto the Imperial Commando series until someone else drives it off the rails, and makes it exclusively hardback with no real direction.

So with the update of Game numbered 12, we received what in my mind is going to be the definitive Jedi look for a while. I got these shots of my friend Mateus shortly after he worked on his look yesterday after launch. I think he's gonna end up being the inspiration for alot of people. Note this is an A-tab design, so even those of us with the Collection Robes can wear it.

I spent some time on TC the other day playing Commando and since I have one on live it's really fun to test what I want. I recommend that everyone roll a toon there and play with the blue frogs sometime to test out the changes you want to make to your toon. Somehow, the numbers I have on live are never the same as what I get on TC (usually better on live), but it's a good starting point for experimenting, and don't worry about paying for respecs. You can always tip yourself 100 Million to cover your expenses. Too bad that can't be sent cross server, lol!

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