A stupid biography

So the handle is KogaWolfe, but how did it get that way you wonder.

Years ago when I was in college, my friends and I had created an art studio (well what we wanted to be art studio anyway). Of course we were into playing video games and wanted to make sure we named ourselves in a way that would identify the three of us.

Enter the Triad.

We called ourselves the Traid, based in no part on the chinese organization, or really even the number three, but we also took alternate names based on whatever we wanted (I.E, I was the wolf faced killa, there was a dragon faced killer etc). So there's the wolf. It stuck, and I later added an e to be distinct.

Then came the Koga.

I had named my recently purchased computer Koga, in honor of the Koga ninja team from Ninja Scrolls who died at the hands of one of the eight demons. Though they died they had launched what I assumed to be about 1.3 million Shuriken, and since I had a 1.3 GHz processor (speedy at the time), the two seemed appropriate. So later I started calling my toons Koga, the wolfe faced Killer, or Koga Wolfe.

The game never let me have the name Koga with Wolfe as the surname, so I just joined the two and went along my merry way.

Now I know that's not the most original way to make a name, but it's the history of mine, and somehow it was a huge coincidence that along came InuYasha with a Koga of the wolf clan.

So no, the two are not related.

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