If you want the Bicycle Chain...

They you need to finish the Legacy Quests that were added on in GU12. By the bicycle chain, of course I am referring to Anakin Skywalkers cybernetic arm, which is faithfully rendered in game as a reward for finishing the droid dungeon on Corellia. Not to spoil this dungeon, but one of my the things I like the best about it is, that it uses the Geo Cave Layout, which it rather unique and expansive.

I finished this quest section on the Bounty Hunter (who started as a medic), that is now level 90. The content is fairly easy I imagine even for someone leveling through regularly, except there is a mid-50's Gold elite boss down there. While he was a cake fight for me, I think he will be a step up from the former gold, now silver giant spiders on Talus that I'm sure you're tired of fighting.

The other good part about it, is the devs are learning pacing, so both the quests seem just the appropriate length, unlike those same spiders previously mentioned.

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