The reality of the reward

The new TCG scenario "Nasty Tuskens" is up and the in game reward is a nice Polis Massan Medical Table. The card reward is Reelo Baruk, which is a pretty decent BH card considering it gives 3 power when the target dies. Tagging Reelo with Death Mark should give a nice power reward if you can get it.

The one frustrating thing about the TCG rewards is that the reward card rarely gives any indication of how large the actual item is. In this case, it's safe to assume the Medical Table is about the size of a regular character, but some items like the Statuettes (though they have a 1m size description) have no reference in game to know how it will look until you place it.

That said, here's a good look at the medical table. I've placed it against a Tatooine symbol, with one of the vet reward mini's as a full size comparison. It's not as large as the Mustafar table, but a good enough size to decorate a medical room with.

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