I think this is a first.

I admit i haven't alwasy kept up with the Friday Features, but I know this is the first time I've ever seen basically the patch notes up for a feature, before they go live. I like what the Droid Engineers are getting, and by association, what I am getting from them, with the increased droids, Droid specials, and cybernetics. ATM I have only 1 character that has a cybernetic arm, and that's for Reverse Engineering, so if the other arms stay relatively worthwhile, and don't drop my armor rating that much I might really take a look into them.

The Droids I believe will really help out both the PVE player and the PVP players. I imagine there will be alot of Bh's with new droids, especially with the Droideka Shield buff. Damage reduction, and conversely the ability to reduce heal effectiveness is ideal in a the BH template.
Also I already use my lvl 60 droideka in the instances, and he has no special attacks. I think my next one (ActiveBleed 2.0) will be an even more effective tool for killing gold elites.

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