Fit and Trim

I had revelation last night. In completing the sprints tournaments yesterday (in hopes of getting my sneaky medic card this month), I went up against one of those elite players. The kind that had 10 years of TCG's under the belt and was coming to SWG TCG as a break since they had active Galaxies account, or maybe even an active station pass with Galaxies on there. He told me I was insane for using a 108 card deck in a tournament since the odds of getting the card I want when I need it is drastically reduced.

I'd never thought of it as a math problem.

In a 60 card deck, if you have 4 of the same card, you would have a 1 in 15 chance of that card coming up. Of course bad luck can still hold, and it not come up until you're dead, but that is a lot better chance than in a 100 card deck.

My mindset had been, with a 100 card deck and 4 of the same card, there is a chance I will get one of the cards I need. In scenarios it usually holds true. I've however had mixed luck against direct players with focused decks. I would usually win if I can get troops in play to attack the avatar, or out quest them. I would usually lose if they were able to attack me directly.

I may have to try a solid sith deck, with avatar attack abilities. I'm usually shy about direct attack on another avatar with my Imp deck, unless i have my Heavy Particle Beam Cannon or Rocket Launcher. Plus it leaves me open if I have no troops out.

The match against the pro was a close one. My troops had him down to 2 points, and then he got the Retribution (3 attack, 3 damage) carbine. His direct attack and damage brought me from 5 down to zero. True to form though, he got the card he needed when he needed it.

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