It's the Final Countdown!

Well Empire Day is starting to wind down, and with it's departure comes the first of the Fan Faire promises. Game Update 12 just hit test center this week, and boy do Droid Engineers have something to be happy about. You can check out the first set of TC patch notes here. I personally am really excited about the badge counter update. I know it's silly, and basic math but anything that makes my life easier is a good thing.

I'm not following the entire thread so far, but I can tell you this, the next big decision will be the integration of droids and pets. The basics of the discussion of this: if the beastmaster version of a profession is supposed to be equal/balanced with the non/BM version of the profession, then why can't BM's have a droid out as well as a pet.

I'm on the fence about it, since I've never actually seen a profession that was as good with BM as their non/BM counterpart. that is to say, what you sacrifice in order to have a pet while your combat damage or tanking abilities may be supplemented by the pet, you as the profession are usually lacking.

Take my spy for instance. He's a Spy/BM and probably perfect for what I plan to use him for (camping DWB). My Corellian Sand Panther will be great for killing a single target in a close environment with my melee spy, but in order to use him, I have to sacrifice, so much of the spy's increased damage, Strikethrough and Crit abilities, as well as the action cost reduction.

Am I able to do what I plan yes, but will I have to be extra careful since I only have smokebomb on a really long timer, yes again. Since being a good spy is all abotu controlling when and where you fight, not having that control will hamper my abilities.

Plus in this case I suppose there is also the question of how will cloaking affect my droid? If it's like a pet that could be cool, but then I know I'm gonna have to hope it doesn't go do something crazy like aggro the room, and since it will still be level 60 how much of a help is it going to be for me.

Nevermind the potential droid special commands (or toolbar).

I trust the devs to implement a fair systems after the weight the pros and cons and potential limitations. I think it's the playerbase that I might have a problem with, lol.

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