Master Mold

This article in on the home page of These types of things never truly represent the acutal game we have. I find most news organizations tend to say "Here is this great Intellectual Property, and this game is bad." What I find the most interesting about it is that in general Star Wars games are moderate, but never ground breaking, or genre defining.


Because the people who make Star Wars possible (us), usually are rabid fans for keeping the content logical and not breaking the mold. Need evidence of this, ask why people still fight over how many jedi exist during the OT. Some people will tell you 3, but LucasArts keeps changing that number. Just recently, The Force Unleashed changed the founding of the Rebellion as we saw in Episode 3, and made it so that there were jedi at that meeting.

Interesting, sure? Mold breaking, Nope.

The game is fun, and that revelation doesn't change the movies at all. Skywalker is still a Hero of the Rebellion, and Alderaan still gets blown up.

That said, I recommend we who love our game, spread the good news about it by word of mouth. the media is always gonna jump on the bandwagon of what they think is good, whether it is or not, but the playerbase is what keeps things going.

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