From the Battlefields I've been in...

This is what me and my friends have taken to calling "Rebel Buffed"

It's just at 3 rows of buffs, even without the GCW stuff affecting it. It's not god mode, but don't expect them to take that much damage, and expect the fights to last a while as well.
I have been buffed this way before as well, and it is fantastic in a PVE, and PVP. And every time I see Rebels in Battlefields, they more often than not are rocking this. I'm not mad about it though, they came prepared to win.

As opposed to us Imperials, this is usually about what I see from most of use. Someone will also have a Banner, and if we are lucky we will get an officer.

The interesting part is that I have still won some Battlefields when they come Rebel Buffed, mainly due to the team working together and focusing on one target at a time (which BTW, kills it a tone faster).
Usually though, this is the problem we run into. Of all 4 instances, there are a ton more Imperial trying to fight, than Rebels. I noticed this, while on a BH hunt, and the interesting part is that there was a large amount of Rebels in Restuss trying to lure Imps into the city to fight them.

Who like gank squads!

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