Few Points of advice

1) Buy as many of the new 9 player vehicles as you can with your tokens after you get what you want. They're tradeable and if we don't get another 8 player vehicle in the near future, then they should increase in value for collectors. Don't expect this to be a quick cash in though, you may have to hold on to them for a while since everyone will have a chance to get them now.

2) If you don't play the TCG and you come across the promo cards (and you don't have a friend who plays) don't delete them as well. Since they only drop during that promo time, you can also sell them or offer them up to a vendor to make some money as well. People with deep pockets will offer you alot for some of these.

3) Price check your Galaxies Trade forums for a good going rate on whatever you plan to buy or sell (unless you KNOW something is underpriced)

4)If you're using the new warehouse promo card, make sure you actually have some smuggle abilities in your deck. It's still a 2 power card, but no point in not maximizing it's benefit.

5) If you're leveling a toon, med buffs and entertainer buffs can help immensely. When getting ent buffs, don't forget the xp, and reactive heal. If you're to the point where you ahve Meatlump theme park access, the Wine-O collection is repeatable daily. So start your grind there, since that reward you with an added 10% exp. (I usually tie this in with an ent buff, and then do my terminal missions, for around 50K per mission)

Happy Hunting

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