This is the reward for the July Sprints, and let me tell you, thes smuggle cards are actually pretty nice.

What they do is whatever is after the "Smuggle" on the card is placed in your hand when you apply the ability at a quest. In this case you actually get a Sneaky Medic card with 2 defense and 2 health. You can opt to pay one power with the medic and heal 1 damage on one of your units.

That can be a good thing depending on the unit you have left on the board, as well as the power you have. I know I have been in some situations where if I'd only had 1 more health on a unit the game might have been different.

The sneaky medic is a secondary card, so when he's destroyed he's gone from the game. The difference between gone and in the discard pile is that a discard pile card may have a chance to come back into play (battle droids I'm looking at you.)

As of the time of this writing you can't find it on the site, but this is also a promo card weekend, meaning that from now until Monday you have the chance to harvest, loot or lucky craft the promo cards for this month.

Again, this one is gonna be a good combo card since it'll let you pull other smuggler abilities into your hand for future play. I've been in a few situations where I could win by questing... if I only had an ability to play!
One thing of note about these promo cards that drop in game is that not only is there potentially no limit to how many you can get, but they also are tradeable. So if you are looking for something to invest in, then I would suggest going out, harvesting these and then selling them after the promo period. You might get lucky. These cards show up as an in game item, that looks like a travel ticket, and you can only get them from mobs near your level.
Also this weekend is Independence Day weekend in the states, so everyone stay safe and have a good time. Also if you're filing a ticket, I would expect a delay!

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