Who's the champ?

This may be old, but it is an interesting read. Maybe something LucasArts should think about.

So Empire day is finally out and live and there are at least 6 badge you can get per faction. You can swap factions and get a total of 11 of the badges. You can't receive both Champion badges.

Champion of Empire Day * (must be picked by Darth Vader)
Imperial Engineering Volunteer * (must complete the Trader Quests from Kaythree)
Imperial Guest Performance (must complete the Entertainer Quests from Kaythree) Imperial Badge of Meritorious Service (must complete the Combat Quests from Mara Jade)
Recruiter for the Empire (must complete the Imperial Recruitment Quests from Major Tantor)Imperial Anti-Proaganda Enforcer * (must complete the Anti-Rebel Propoganda Quests from Major Tantor)

Champion of Remembrance Day * (must be picked by Princess Leia)
Alliance Engineering Volunteer * (must complete the Trader Quests/ from Major Rieekan)
Rebel Alliance Guest Performance (must complete the Entertainer Quests from Major Rieekan)Rebel Alliance Badge of Valor (must complete the Combat Quests from Wedge Antilles)Remembrance Day through Resistance (must complete the Remebrance Day through Resistance Collection from Captain Derlin)
Vandal for the Rebellion * (must complete the Vandal for the Rebellion Collection from Captain Derlin)

Now for all you TCG'ers out there, the Agents of Deception weekend release tournament is looking to give some decent rewards. For a mere $20 (1 event pass = $1) you will receive access to one of the six Agents of Deception sealed Deck Tournaments, 1 of the four sealed Tournament Decks, 4 booster packs, and the exclusive Baritha Promo card.
Don't forget, tournament winners receive booster decks, so if you're looking to collect some in game rewards, the tournaments may up you chances!

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