Few notes about Empire Day and the release weekend.

1) I hope next year, or some time in the future, they release the option to allow us to combine some of these leftover tokens for use in other ways. Like I would love to turn in E-day tokens for Restuss commendations (even if they made the turned in comms No trade). Basically anything that can tie in all the different rewards that we can get for doing certain things that are just factional.

2) 11 badges is very nice. Most of them can be done as neutral (trader, ent, posters), but the combat one's require that youa re factional for the npc's to talk to you. I was surprised that the dialogue is better for the Imperials than it is for the rebels. That KayThree droid has a mouth on him.

3) Kudos on the increased timers as well as three people per turn. I've seen alot less camping and if people don't get their badges on the toons they care about they can't blame anyone else this time really. It's also very nice to be able to still get some E-day badges if the main toons don't call you.

4) I know it was there last year as well, but it's still wierd to hear the Mustafar music for Leia. The Imperial march is so iconic, so we got the best of both worlds.

The TCG release weekend was this week and it really was the pretty interesting for me. Like I showed last time, all participants got 4 booster packs and a starter deck as well as the Baritha NS promo card. This card might be useless to you if you don't have a Sith Avatar, but if you've been around long enough, you should have enough cards to make an Avatar of each type.

The tournament didn't allow any of your existing cards, only what you got in the starter and boosters. Once it started, you were thrown into deck builder and allowed to modify the starter deck you had with the booster packs you had. That was the only change you could make, which kept it fair and interesting. It became a test of skill and luck, since knowing what to do with what you got was as important as getting something worthwhile.

I ended up having ot leave the tournament early for personal reasons, but I left my account logged in, so I was giving someone free wins. I ended up with another booster pack at the end of it all.

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