Last time we covered the overview of Empire day, and today we're looking into the Trading Card Game releases as well. There some interesting loot and some good new tactics here as well. I had a smuggle card that allowed me to change the attack value of a an attacker to zero - After they had exerted to attack. This may be Mando to some of you, but basically it means this:

Opponent cards go to attack you, you put up your defense, they put up more offense (at this time they're exerted). There is a smuggling item you can play, (if you have it) that will negate their entire attack, leaving only your defensive stat to win the combat. I imagine there is probably one that sets defense back to zero as well, but I didn't have it played against me, lol.

My biggest reward today was the Senate Pod. I had hoped in glimpses it would be a large indoor couch, but it actually is a large 8 seater vehicle. It's decently fast as well, but you do feel a bit exposed sitting in the seats.

For everyone whose been waiting for the full link to all the new in game rewards well here it is as well.

Don't forget that you only get free packs of the most current Trading card game expansion deck. So all your cards from here til the next expansion will be AoD. Don't worry you can still get the old booster packs for purchase in the station store.

I actually recommend that you get the Station Launcher Beta (or whatever version it is now) if you want to play the TCG without having to log in. I have a better response time with that especially when I'm trying the sprints.

I'm hoping for my pool next time!

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