This is the new trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. As best I can tell, there will be Jedi, Sith, Mandalorians, and troopers. The trailer is very good, but it doesn't make up my mind about the game yet. It does definitely peak my interest though.

That trailer is beautiful, but it's not in game animation obviously. They are going for a more serious feel, despite the original thoughts they were gonna copy WOW, and the current character models reflect that as well.

The game is still very early in development. Right now we know that Sith and Jedi are classes, as well as BH and Republic Trooper, but the other six classes are still a mystery. We also know it's supposed to be a MMO, but with a story. The wierd part is the site says in the FAQ, that the majority of the game can be completed solo, so I still don't know how they are interpreting MMO.

The trailer only leaves me with a few questions though, some serious some not.

First:Where are the other player professions. I saw Sith and Jedi, Bounty Hunter and what could be Trooper (though not the trooper character model exactly). The trailer doesn't really give me a sense of the other races that could be in the game.

Second: Why is it so popular these days to crash a ship right at my feet.

Third: Why do old republic Bounty Hunters have better jetpacks than ours. I bet theirs don't go off when they get hit with a stick.

This game is still starting to be an interesting project, and while I don't think it will take away from Galaxies as much as people fear, I think it might be a good partner.


TriadDragon said...

Technically, they have said from the first day that it was announced that it was not a true MMO but more that it had MMO-like elements. I still have not seen anything really game-play related. A lot of people seem to be getting excited over stills and animation tests. The trailer is very impressive and I would enjoy seeing that movie. But as I told someone else, there is nothing to indicate game-play and I think if they don't deliver bullet-time saber fights, the MMORPG SWG crowd will revolt yet again.

Koga W. said...

Good point Triad. Their FAQ section is calling the game a MMO with a story that can be completed mostly solo so who knows what will happen when they actually release the game.