Battlefield: 3 ABY

Let's not mix words. Game Update 10 came out, and only the best of the best GCW haters will endure. The battlefield concept, whether reimagined or stolen and adapted for Galaxies is something that is allowing fair team play for people interested in GCW. Part of the reason I never fought in GCW before was that it was all basically Team Deathmatch. Which can be fun, but is definitely repetitive. I've always liked objectives more (except escort objectives), and adding them here is a good start. Let's hope the devs continue and make more of these.

But wait there's more! Here's just a few of the patch notes in case you didn't see them.

New Rename Command: A /rename command has been added to allow you to rename your character. A character must be at least 90 days old before he/she can be renamed. There is a 90 days wait before the character can be renamed again. Run the /rename command and follow the on screen instructions.

Community Requests: Introducing "Shared No-Trade"! This new feature allows for a no-trade item to be shared with other characters of the same account. Many no-trade items have already been converted to this new feature.

New Level Content in the 62-65 level range. Speak with Hraykken Bender, one of the Leaders of the Meatlumps gang, at the Meatlump Hideout in Coronet to start a new set of quests that make a start at continuing the Legacy quest line. Keep an eye out for some familiar faces along the way

I've done the new Legacy content, and not only is it fun, it's a good use of some old script that is buried in the game. When you get to the helper droid bunker, if you're a vet that remembers those droids you'll get a good chuckle.

And the bane of my existence is lifted shortly after I stopped caring. For so long I potentially regretted placing the bunker on my alt, and not my main, but now that the new housing has come out I've made my peace, and now, well it doesn't matter anymore either way.


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