This weekend was awesome.

I'm so far behind the times with some thing, and it's fantastic. I claimed my bunker on what I eventually felt was the wrong toon. That's been fixed with the new Game update that allows limited trading of items between characters on the same account. I also am just now starting my Restuss commendation grind.

Why now, you ask?

With the popularity of Battlefields and their 15 minute run time, more people are leaving the Restuss area, and it is becoming alot easier to move in to kill antennae or capture sensor arrays. Plus I recently got a good look at the Restuss chestplate, and with what I'm planning on oding visually with my commando, I think that will be a good fit. By the way, here's the armor in black.
I'm a-tabbing the Tie Fighter Pilot suit over some comp armor right now, and it covers everything except the chestplate and the boots. I also don't show my helmet, so I think this armor chestplate will work well with that design.

Worst case scenario is that I end up not liking it, and have the highest comm prices piece out of the way. I had planned to buy some of the comms, but either people aren't selling them on the bazaar, or I'm missing them on vendor search. All I know is that the prices for them are insane.

Also this weekend was another promo card weekend. These usually run from Friday to about noon PST the following Monday. The LE repair driod card was the drop this weekend, and if you have a robust deck, it's a pretty good one. In order to use a Starship item that is in your inventory, you have to deal 1 damage to it.
By default the starships usually only have 3 health, but there are some other cards that will affect that. This card allow you to repair them. I've never had much luck getting one of these promo cards before. Probably because you have to kill things that are within 5 levels of you for the chance for them to drop. For us 90's we can always go back to either the meatlump base on Dath, or any of the Azure Cabal missions after the intro.

These promo cards are actually tradeable in regular Galaxies, since they have to be redeemed to be converted to the TCG.

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