My pet project or Why being a jedi teaches you to grind.

I got the Restuss chestplate yesterday, and a-tabbed it over my comp armor on my Commando. I haven't colored it yet, but I think the overall look and feel is coming along nicely. At 1000 comms this is the single most expensive piece of the Restuss weapons or armor. All the rest are either 800 for the helm and leggings, or 500 for the weapons, bracers and shoulders, or 300 on the boots and belt.

This a-tab is over the Imperial Tie Pilot suit, which is why you see the multiple Imperial insignia. The beauty of A-tab, or the appearance tab is that the armor you are wearing doesn't have to be the armor you are displaying. After just under 250 runs at 4 comms a piece, I was relieved when I finished this piece. Karen Traviss' Republic commando series has been moving me to want to learn more about Mandalorian culture, and this chestplate is visually different from the majority of the other armor in the game.

Without a doubt, Jedi get the short end of the stick when it comes to grinding to really shore up their toon. All of our armor has to be looted. One of the best color crystals is a general reward, the other is a collection of collections of collections, and our best armor require 7 collections (one of which is the jedi waistpack collection). I'm not whining though. for me it was a huge amount of fun buying, borrowing or trading for all the parts, and if you want it you can make it. The only thing I wish they would do is increase the respawn timer on The Hand in Restuss.


Because Restuss is becoming more and more empty! The incredibly balanced and fair battlefield (in relation to general world pvp), are really popular. Even the crazy mechanics and exploits that I'm sure they will fix can be used by both sides. Plus you get a ton of GCW points there, so why wouldn't you go there for guaranteed combat as opposed to hanging out at a starport waiting for someone to run in a direction. The majority of my antennae runs with the commando were done in an empty city.

And no, I don't begrudge anyone who killed or tried to kill me in a pvp area. I knew the risk going in. In fact, I'm considering going back in again to get the shotgun.

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