First round complete

I've finally finished every secnario in the TCG at least once, and most of them with at 2 types of avatars, and in alot of cases this guy right here helped me the most. I was really lucky I suppose to get this Bossk card from early on in the Champions of the Force series. The nice part about him is that everytime an opposing unit dies at his quest, he deals damage to that units avatar. I just stack him with some other high defense cards and usually they can kill by attrition, or with the +4 attack, he can kill straight out. The only bad part is that he doesn't work with any of the bounty hunter ability cards from the Galactic Hunters scenario.

Yes, I admin the first time through, I've beaten most of the scenarios on easy, but since they have to be beaten on all three for all the rewards it's a nice accomplishment. Now, I at least have a better fighting deck, and a good idea how the harder difficulties are gonna play.

Something that may be even more interesting is the the loot tournament this weekend. like all the others, 10 event passes gets you access, and all the participants get 3 Galactic Hunter expansion decks, a TCG in game card and an in game loot card. The in game loot cards are usually nice, and definitely decoration, and these are no change either.
These tournaments, and the ability to get the packs after the fact are really some of the best ways to get some other cards. Considering 3 packs at $2.99/pack, is just about an even wash, the in game loot is then a dollar, and the you get the good or decent TCG rare (depending on the situation) for free. however you look at it, it's a fair deal. The other nice part of course is with the three packs, you could possibly loot some more in game rewards, or you can trade the packs directly for other cards you may want. Either way, even with no loot it's some better leverage to getting some things you may want from the game, and it's nice to have help with deck building.

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