The downside of winning

Some people got alot of GCW points last night in the battlefields.

The bad part is that it was at my expense. It's inevitable actually that in order to get alot of GCW there, there has to be a lot of killing there, and that of course means alot of dying. So to those people with 4 rows of buffs coming out, I'm not mad at you. You did your thing, just keep the smack talk to a minimum (and clone camping is just bad form!)

Now for the really interesting part. The Empire Day Scenario!

This card is another one that will complete the look as the case may be for the those in home designers. The scenario's are not that hard to beat, and the rewards are pretty decent, so there is no reason not to try, even if you don't buy extra decks. The free one's you have should be more than enough.

I already have the Vader on and the Leia one from previous tournament decks, and both of those play some music. i doubt this one will, but the statuette's are still cool other items to decorate your house with. You'll also get the breakdance card, which is for the TCG only, but will help in some of those scenarios where you're getting raided on.

Also Fan Faire registration ends tomorrow, so for those of you planning on going, but waiting until the last minute, the last minute is almost here.

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