My Meatlump brings all the girls in the yard...

The first promo card for the upcoming Agents of Deception expansion deck is out, and from now until June 22, you can get it with the purchase of 3 expansion decks. For a level 4 card, it's actually pretty powerful, and I imagine there will be other "Meatlump" cards similar to the wookie and gungans already in the game.

Here's the king in all his glory.

I usually find that the cards that add health to any other type can vastly change the outcome of a match. Even with whatever new changes they may have in store for us, I doubt that will change.

I hope to highlight some of my favorite cards either here, or with my postings at SWGblog, so keep an eye out.

Now even the Battlefields have a huge downside. mostly that sometimes you just can't find rebels willing to fight. Here's a few tips for those of you going with your group.

1) If the group you're trying to join is already queued, then queue yourself and then join the group. To do this, type /battlefield (or make a macro of the same and hotkey it), then double click on the battle you want to join.

2) Keep track of your queue number in relation to the amount of people in your group. If there are 7 of you, and only 5 opposing, you all aren't going to get in. Keep that in mind when you start if everyone wants to only go together.

3) Don't be afraid to try the fields without "your" group. It will help you learn the objectives better, and you can see how some other teams get it done.

4) Don't worry about death. Even a loss gets your some tokens so there is no reason for anyone to not get all these items eventually. Plus the actual games are fun (even when you're getting pwnd sometimes).

5) Unless you had a smuggler bounty check you, Always assume you are hunted, and be careful with your stuff that you want to keep. Right now, if you die just as you are about to go into a field, you will keep that clone sickness, until it wears off. Game breaking? No, probably annoying and rare, but you should always be aware of any bounty hunters that seem to be browsing the lingerie section (as the case would be).

If you haven't seen the actual look of the battlefield rewards, here they are from the producers mouth.

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