The Ko-Bots, the Ko-Bots!

Separated at Birth?

This video is one of the funniest things RC had produced, and I get the feeling my toon will forever be associated with it. I've already been asked to dance like that at a wedding reception!

Here's a little bit about Lobot, in case you didn't know.

In looking through the in game reward items, I really only have a few from each deck that I really ever want to get. But occasionally I will see something that really grabs my attention. I do still want the Great Hyperspace War Bas Relief, but my chances of getting it, still seem slim for some reason.

I find the competition is getting really steep for the Galactic Showcases. With the total amount of items available for a house now, as well as the increased amount you can store in a house, decoration is definitely running rampant. Looks like it's no longer just armor rooms and entertainer venues! Maybe the can make a Lobot home administrator, to feed our massif pets and water our aurillian plants!

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