Early Edition

Book 4 in the in Republic COmmando Series recently came out in paperback, and it's continuing Karen Traviss' run as the Mando'a author.

The more important recent news for the community is the new Community relations manager was announced last week, so we finally have someone to fill Valara's shoes. We wish you the best of luck Draakull.

We also got a good preview of the new loot cards in the Agents of Destruction set. I'm looking forward to the giant indoor pool most of all. I'm not against things like this being put in the game via the loot systems, since it stops overpopulation. One of the few things that actually bothers me in game sometimes is seeing everyone having the same thing. I'm hoping to get one, but like the Jedi mediation room, if I don't I'm not worried.

Lastly, for those of us that play the TCG, the loot tournament reward deck is available until June 5th. I can't wait to get mine, and put that sign up on my Diner!

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