Weekly roundup

I think they are going to make the fan art contest a part of the anniversary celebration each year. That's not a bad thing, as the art itself is usually pretty good, but the Imperial poster with the Twilek and the Mon Cal, still sticks out a bit to me as not as Imperial as it could have been.

Maybe this is common sense, but I'm gonna give you guys a heads up as well. The Death Watch Bunker is the toughest part of the Imperial Theme Park. I've been through the park before with my main character, and now I was going through again with my alt (a commando) and a friend who's still leveling to 90. For the most part we could kill all the other objectives, but the DWB still is no joke if you aren't buffed (we weren't). That is why I'm mentioning it, because we actually did the rest of the Theme Park unbuffed. Luckily, there was someone going in to camp there and we hitched a ride. The real intersting part is he was buffed, and I still kept drawing aggro from him. Guess that comes with the guns!

So I finished the loot scenario, and a dream idea came to mind. I wish the game kept the old scenarios as options to play again. They can disassociate the loot after the tiem period and just give us the combat scenario. I've found that each scenario fights differently, and some have been more challenging than others. I don't know how many I missed early on before I started playing, but now it's something I look forward to each month.

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