Fanboy Realism

First and Foremost, Happy Memorial day. Our hearts and thanks go out to all the soldiers and veterans who protect our freedoms with their lives.

I know this won't ever happen, but with the release of the new Star Trek movie, I think there is proof that Star Wars fiction can have a more mature tone, without being something that is damaging to the senses of younger audiences. If you've seen the movie, then you know what I mean, and if you haven't then make sure to go see it.

I've been listening to some in game music from Saints Row, and the Terminator Salvation song from NIN "The Day the Whole World Went Away", and they all bring one thing to light when I compare them to the Star Wars universe. Diversity.

The original Star Wars universe was meant ot be a diverse place where aliens intermingled and had come to live in a fairly stable society. Even with the Empire watching them, there was not genocide, and the Rebel Alliance was fighting for the rights of all individuals. Yeah, that's that Episode 4 is about. The rest of the episodes are about Anakin Skywalker and his family, and his fall from grace and his redemption. And as much as I love them all, I realize that they don't show people as having different backgrounds or even different emotions.

That's why I like some of the new writers the books are bringing in. Karen Traviss (who I talk about alot here) is great for creating characters with real stories. Troy Denning, who usually gets the filler material for some reason (that's another post) is great from bringing in the adult tension that's been missing from alot of scenes, and Timothy Zahn is undoubtedly the man who kicked off the trend for different stories so long ago with the Thrawn Trilogy.

Let's hope it continues.

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