Pro's and Con(ventions)

You really don't realize how big something is (or perhaps I should should say I didn't realize), until you see it on the parent site that inspired it. The 501 is worldwide! The irony that some of the members used Jawa's as their avatars though still makes me laugh. While Cos-play has never been my thing, I've never knoced it when people do it right. There is something to making costumes that are accurate in their detail, but something totally different when it's off.

Well the contest is over, and my new favorite near human species is the Zeltron. I've always had a problem with Twi-lek's having no hair, and when a friend of mine said he always imagined their skin was like dolphins, that kinda sealed the deal, so for me Zeltrons = multicolored, hedonistic hot chicks who love pleasure over pain. Win-Win. Plus less need to worry about the Twi-leks stealing to feed their poor family back home.

If you're looking for a Star Wars fix, and haven't seen them, I suggest you check out the Legacy comics. Timeline issues aside, it's a pretty solid story.

And for you fans of cos-play out there here's a zeltron. Notice that unlike Twi-lek costumes, this still looks close to natural!

*Note: I got some flack about the Cosplay inference for the 501st, so I just want everyone to be aware I'm only using the dictionary meaning of the word from Check the Cosplay Trends paragraph towards the middle for validation. I'm not confusing it with LARP.

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