Trading Post

There can be no doubt that the lightsaber fighters were some of the best parts of the New Trilogy. The combat was fast, dynamic and even though it was scripted, it never felt like a dance, but felt more like two people trying to get the upper hand on the other in order to finish the fight. Well I should say the jedi v jedi or jedi v sith fights. That grievous fight was... underwhelming. This is a good reason why those fights exist.

So I actually got to see an ingame version of the Boba statue from the Trading card game, and it looks really good. Some of these things you'll never know until you see them in game. The card is part of a set of 4 that when combined will give you Jango's jetpack. It's nice that we already have Boba's in game, so for those that haven't hit the DWB and crafted one, here's a second wasy to get it. This is the card.

The upcoming tournament this weekend will be giving away the Pooja Naberrie card, and a new house sign. I like that the rewards for participation aren't game breaking and are decoration. It really does allow for the TCG to have a relationship with Galaxies without taking over.

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