Matter of choice

The most relevant characters in Star Wars all choose their destiny.

This isn't a revelation, but in a way it is.

One thing I've been noticing as I'm rounding out the Republic Commando series is how important choice is. It's not that I don't know that from real life, but she does a great job of realizing that for her own characters, even the supporting ones. For example, Kal Skirata is a Mandalorian who chose to train the clone commandos at Jango Fetts offering. Kal raised and trained them as Mandalorian men, and raised them as his sons. This choice to embrace his past and culture reflects itself throughout the stories.

Now counter that to Anakin Skywalker, who chose to become a jedi, but never wholeheartedly accepted the culture. His story continually leads him to places. He is never in control of his life, and jumps from having one master to the next despite all of his power. He is perhaps one of the few Sith to never become the Master, even though he is simultaneously one of the few Sith to control the Galaxy.

Then in contrast there are people like Gilead Paelleon, decorated Imperial Admiral, and the man who eventually went on to lead the Empire after the takeover of the Galactic Alliance. Paelleon dedicated himself to the ideals of the Empire that were not just conquest, and murder (as those were the influence of the Sith), and he held the Empire together despite the interference of the Moff council, and through the Vong invasion.

That's why I have such a problem with a powerful character like Revan. Revan was a military genius, and very powerful in the force, but after a near death experience and his inevitable betrayal by his apprentice, he became a person who was led by the events of his life as opposed to leading them. The character we play in KOTOR, never really has a choice (especially considering the canon ending), and he is used once again by the jedi council who now know that the path they are sending him on leads to the dark side.

Maybe it's stating the obvious, but I've been in some discussions with people who seem to forget that it doesn't matter what you can do, if you don't or won't do it. And what you will do is always a matter of choice.

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Zak Kinsella said...

Interesting stuff man, you're making me want to try this game out. It's nice to see more ancillary works around this universe seeing as I've never delved into it.