Bout Time

Like all game updates, GU 9 seemed to taked forever to get here, but it came out yesterday and has some great additions.

Here are just a few of my favorites:

Increased XP gain for Quests, Combat kills, and Missions. (Really helpful for my leveling spy and medic)

Several Tailor wearable draft schematics were updated to reflect a new color palette. (Black is the new Black)

The duration of the buff from crafted foods or drinks can be increased cumulatively by eating more of the same food as long as the resulting duration does not exceed 2 hours. The value of primary buffed modifier of the last one eaten will be the one used by the buff. (This works closer to times for other things I do, so no eating every 15 minutes)

The Empire is now taking donations for the war effort. See Major Caleb Knolar near Bestine. You will be rewarded with a title for your donations. (Hilarious, yet great)

And while I can go either way on the topic, a friend of mine loves this

You can now train your Peko Peko as a mount.

It'll really be great if we can use them to fly over Mustafar lava!

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