Random thoughs

In a stunning and surprising move, someone actually posted something helpful and well written in the GPD forum yesterday. It's a stark contrast to the rest of the listings there.

I'm sure as you all have seen there has been a huge uptick in server maintenance over the past week. Not all of it has been directly for SWG, but it's been spread throughout the store and the Station platforms. We've still got GU9 coming up soon, so be prepared for another one some day soon hopefully.

Usually, and this happens every year, there is a lull in information and changes right before Fan Faire. This year they are celebrating an Everquest birthday, so it should be a big event. I know our friends from swgblog are going, and hopefully one year I'll be there as well.

One thing that has always been my crazy SWG fantasy is having the GCW as an actual FPS. I could live with it being a third person shooter as well (like Gears of War), but honestly sometimes I want to get out and shoot the Rebels. I think Planetside, is a good example of an FPS that could integrate into our war. It's all one continuous game of capture the flag (and honestly so is GCW), but our game could still allow medics to heal at range, and perhaps let factional control mean something outside the battlefield.

There, I've gone and let GPD corrupt my mind.

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