Threat List

Spoiler alert! The follow topic may reveal some storyline that you haven't read. If so go get the books!

The more they expand on the Star Wars universe, the more I reassess who could be a power player in the galaxy. Of course, there is always the constant threats (Black Sun, Chiss, Hutts, etc), but now the Republic Commando book series has shown me the one man who could probably kill anyone.

His name is Kal Skirata.

Now don't get me wrong, Kal himself isn't the greatest fighter, nor is he force sensitive or anything particularly spectacular about him as a mandalorian. The real reason he's a threat is because of his secret army. His secret army of 5. Kal is the man who earned the trust of the 5 Null class Arc troopers, who themselves are some of the deadliest killers in the Galaxy.

The Null ARC troopers, as the smartest, most unpredictable effecient killers in the Republic. They work in Black ops missions solo, and only trust 1 person, outside of each other. They, like the other ARC troopers do the jobs that you would also send a Republic commando squad (4 commandos) to do, and with just one of them, even more stuff gets destroyed. They have perfect memory, were bred to be perfect physical specimen, and an insanely high intellect. The Kaminoans that made them wanted to improve on Jango as a specimen, and the Null Class were the first result. Of the 10 in the first batch, half were killed when they were 5, because they were too unpredictable, and the Kaminoans felt they would be unable to control.

Enter Kal Skirata, saving them from death he raised them, and trained just over a hundred Republic Commandos, but the real part that makes the man is that he trained them as Mandalorians, and he treated them like a father.

It's that kinda of family bond that makes the people in the galaxy stronger.

And dare I say even more dangerous.

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