Flame Bait

So this is probably the culmination of the GDP forums.

I think the funniest part about people who really hate Galaxies is that they won't or can't leave, and feel the need to make sure everyone knows that they hate something, not why they hate something.

For example, the TCG loot policy is that cards in the free packs aren't tradeable, but cards in the purchased pack are. If you don't play the TCG, then why do you care if you get cards you can't use, unless you only want to sell them at overpriced rates? Or is it that you want to buy the elite stuff from other people who buy the cards but you don't want to pay their prices for it? Either way, complaining about the policy of a system you don't use is rather... ineffecient.

I also like how they managed to point out that the price of server transfers with items is too high. I'm going to imagine he's talking about moving from larger server to larger server, and not the FREE transfer for the smaller pop servers. I've never had a problem with the people on my server wanting me to move, so I can't really relate to the price of moving a toon being to high.

Guess that'll teach me, being a decent person...

Feel free to add to the hilarity that is usually the Game Play Discussion, or just watch it throughout the day whenever you need a good laugh. Be careful though, it can get addictive!

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