Updates Everywhere!

I partially thought something like this would happen. Initially I was against moving from Naritus, but now that I've moved to Flurry I find it to be fun.

I probably should have left the main on Naritus at least until I had gotten the packup badges, but that's all too late now.

The real thing that caught my attention recently was here.

As a9x pilot I remember hating the time between starting and getting back into my jsf. The first three pilot professions I couldn't and didn't think to get and outfit a heavy mass ship with high level guns when I mastered. So each time I had to work my way back up using the low level weapons I was certified for. It didn't take much longer, just the actual missions were more annoying. The xp still came fast at Kash!

You may also note on the side, I've added a feed for the developer discussion. This section of the forums is where we can see alot of the upcoming changes that are on TC or going in game.

I know for leveling, I'm gonna be happy when they publish this:

Community Requests
Increased XP gain for Quests, Combat kills, and Missions.

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