Airing Grievances

So I like the Clone Wars series.


I think I've been on the rant before, but I like the concept of showing the war, I just need new people and other faces. For example, Asohka, she's gonna die, or be lost, or go into hiding, and none of it is gonna matter to the Anakin, because she was never mentioned in any movie or book before now.

I do however like the clones. The troopers themselves are the best part of the series, and I hope that LucasArts is taking notice how many people want non jedi sanctioned Star Wars material as well.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good jedi story as much as the next person, but I love a good story even more. And I think the clones right now have one of the best stories in SW history. There are tons of people who can be organized into groups (Chiss, Vong, Imperial, Hapan, etc) but usually they are mashed down into caricatures of an idea. The clones themselves are identical, yet show more range of personal diversity than most.

That said, here's the next few things up on my reading list:

Fate of the Jedi
Order 66
Imperial Commando: 501st

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