Man I missed some stuff.

I think the Friday feature on palette options is going to represent the biggest visual change to the game ever. Not only is GU9 starting to look like a real contender for one of the best updates in a while, but its starting to become something i can't wait for. You guys really did a good job here.

With the holiday, I missed the TCG loot tournament this weekend, but being able to get the Droopy McCool card is one of those times that make you laugh. I like that he plays music when you exert power. I also think the Guise of the Master eyes is rather interesting, considering I don't see the sith and jedi eyes running around alot. The last tournament I played in was pretty fun, even if it seems to last forever. I won my first round while I was asleep, apparently the guy timed out on his move, but then I was awake after that, lol. I've got a much better deck now, so hopefully I'll be around next time to see how good it is.

Even though I missed the tournament, I do have a real nice upcoming event this Wednesday. The TCG scenarios are really fun, and if you're someone the enjoys the game, then you already know that. The scenarios can be won once to receive all the prizes, and then again with different archtypes (up to the four), to win more of the TCG only card. This time around we can win a battle droid vendor which will go well with the battle droid greeter if you can get it. We also can get the Bounty Hunter Bane Malar, which has great offense so stack your deck!

Here's a look at all the loot cards you can get from packs over the various decks.

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