Hard Contact

Karen Traviss is going to ultimately be responsible for the largest development of Star Wars Lore in a long time.

So I've been reading Republic Commando: Hard Contact and not only is she a fantastic writer (which I knew from her Legacy of the Force work), but she is really carving out Mandalorian culture.

I never used to like Boba, mostly because he went into the Sarlacc so crappily. He was hit in the back by a blind man with a stick and his jetpack flew him into the side of a skiff. That just made him seem like a buffoon to me. But watching hm work in the Legacy of the Force books negated that.

I felt the same way with Jango. He'd still be alive if he hadn't decided he was gonna jump down into a pit full of jedi. especially when he really had nothing to gain from it. Those types of decisions always made me less enthusiastic about them. But in reading the books she's able to take some of these characters and make them better than the last thing they did.

And yes I know that's what a good author does.

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