Housing and Urban Affairs

I went to Test Center this weekend to look at the new houses. I recommend everyone go to TC at least once in their existence, as it's a good way to test new changes, and you can of course get everything you need to practice a new profession. Luckily for me, I was an architect when I first started and still have one now, so ship and building crafting aren't new to me.

The first impression I had was wow, they did a good job with the new windows. Some of the buildings got windows exactly where you imagined they would be (small naboo), while others got windows in some really nice places. Personally I really like the large generic as well, since it has both a basement and a rooftop area with a patio that can be decorated.

The only other thing I had hoped for was an update to the large naboo house, which would look great with windows, but sadly no luck there.

Also coloring a building really makes them look nice.

I really missed alot of the promo weekend for the TCG, and this is the card. If I can get it this morning before the time is up great, but I'm not holding my breath!

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