Random Thoughts

A-tab weapons would be an interesting idea. On one side I'd like being able to see different skins for weapons, but on the other it negates the whole aspect of profession weapons. I think some of the reward weapons from RoTW look cool, but with their current level restrictions they really aren't viable past mid level.

Transdoshan Slavemasters really seem to rely on the honor system to keep their wookies. It doesn't appear that they can tell the difference between them.

The Lord Cyssc space mission should be repeatable, even if it didn't grant xp after the first time!

Everyone that can should get a Saitek X-52 flight stick. It totally changes space in a good way. There should be a Star Wars branded one.

The new buildings with windows needs to have a webpage for everyone to know what the end schematics look like. I wonder if there is an underground building as well, but either way cities will start to show some more diversity.

The SWTOR forums seem to be filled with people who hate Galaxies, but want TOR to incorporate Galaxies' ideas (crafting, original skill boxes etc). I sometimes wonder if it the community or the games that make people that way.

The Legacy of the Force comic book series is a pretty decent storyline. I wish it were set further in the future than it is right now, since it pretty much means every Skywalker after Ben got someone pregnant at 19/20, but as a story it tells a new adventure. I initially feared it would fall into repeating the OT or some other existing storyline, but it's given an interesting power to a obviously flawed character, and he's not really overpowered because of it.

I need to read the Republic Commando series.

The game needs a badge counter, so I don't have to keep updating my reference sheet whenever I unlock a badge that's nto at the bottom of the page.

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