I recently finished Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and some interesting things happened to Lord Vader. Without revealing too much, what happens to him broke my immersion in the story, detaching me from the narrative and gameplay I had up til that point been enjoying.

I couldn't help but compare it to Galaxies.

Star Wars Galaxies, has acquired quite a bit of interesting storylines in it's almost six years. Here are just a few.

On Mustafar, we find a crashed ship with a troublesom droid AI loaded on it. It seems the AI had taken over the ship, in part because it liked the guns and in part because it needed to escape wherever it was. We (a group of spacers) help the AI free itself of the ship, where it goes on to find a droid factory and begin it's plans to take over the planet. The trouble with HK is a great storyline with good writing and complex team based quests that are still a challenge to groups today.

On Kashhyyk, we find that wookies are still constantly being enslaved by Transdoshan taskmasters, who are run by Lord Cysssk BlackScale. He has set up a giant floating asteroid base where his slaving operation is run with an iron fist. Getting to the point where we actually bust the base is still a fun mission set, but the second half of this wonderful story is getting to the point where we attack his space armada. This space battle is one of the best space fights in the entire game. Grab a gunboat, or fighter and a group and prepare to empty your capacitor.

The real point here is that unlike console games, we have alot more to enjoy in our content. Our game is constantly expanding, growing and developing and we always have a chance to find something else we like. So in your quest to level, don't forget to take the time to actually enjoy the process.

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