Come One, Come All

There is no other game like Star Wars Galaxies.

Now that we have that established, I need to point out that there are plenty of other games that would like to take you from Galaxies. Alot of them are fun, some are annoying, and they all speak to different aspects of things people want to do in gaming. be it exploring or space combat, realtime strategy or first person shooters, every games design is to keep you for as long as it can.

Now that I've stated the obvious,

I've run into many people over my 6 years who have played Galaxies, and left or still play. Alot of the people who left but still complain about it really had no intention of playing the game, and even less intention of enjoying a STAR WARS THEME. There are plenty of people who just want to shoot and kill and don't care if the target is a zombie, nazi or stormtrooper.

And that's fine.

The real problem I have is when people decide they need to make me understand just how bad something I like, that they don't play is. Galaxies as a great game. Playing it again through the leveling after all these years is still fun. Redoing Kashhyyk and Mustafar, with the knowledge of how to do my job is fun. I'm leveling from 1 -90 taking my time and enjoying the content that is in the game, and I'm having fun, and it's all because of this one reason.

I enjoy Star Wars.

To understand and enjoy Star Wars you have to accept that there are parts of the SW universe that you don't like. I absolutely hate ewoks. I hate Korga, and I'm not exceptionally fond of Endor. But in order for me to enjoy the Death Watch Bunker, I have to accept them.

I could be a stickler for the timeline and say that only the 200 or so jedi knights and masters that escaped order 66 should be the only jedi in game. But in order to argue that, I have to admit that the bounty hunter guild doesn't issue missions through a public terminal, and that none of us would be able to shuttle to Dathomir as it is off limits by the Empire.

It's a game, and games are a business.

Decisions are made in every game to interpret the worlds they are creating as best they can. Decisions are also made to make the game as fun as possible for the target audience. SWG's target audience is people who enjoy Star Wars. That doesn't mean people who are obsessed with Star Wars. We are of course welcomed here as well, but people who enjoy Star Wars don't always know everything about every little detail that we do.

Most people don't know that Vader plays the blues.

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