Whose House

This Friday feature is probably one of the longest anticipated updates to the game.

Players have been asking for more housing since the player cities were introduced (which would be about 3 months after launch.) Now, not only are we getting new housing, but windows! Long have I been annoyed that my Large Naboo Mansion was dark and oppressive, and needed to be brightened up. Of course, the schematics haven't been released on live yet, and while I'm sure they are updating some of the schematics, I'm excited nonetheless. The beauty of the window is that you can actually see through them as well. I do wonder how much fun that's gonna be when Armorsmith start putting their display armor in the windows for people to windowshop!

I've been taking a small hiatus from game. Occasionally I do this from time to time, to play console or other pc games, and come back refreshed with new ideas. Yesterday I played and finished Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. It was fun to play, very reminiscent of Jedi Knight II, especially with the force powers. The story was also decent. I'm not a big fan of secret apprentices, because they usually involve the process of Stackpoling as I call it, Which is to write someone into all the inbetween scenes, and this one is no different.

StarKiller, which incidentally is the name of the Original concept of Luke Skywaler, is vastly powerful, and in all ways naive. I think it's hard for me to relate with people who can get fooled more than once the same way. TFU is a supercharged Star Wars story with over the top action, that holds it's own niche in the timeline.

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