The Art of XP

So the medic hits 55 and within the same day hits 60. Technically within the same buff period, and almost within the same sitting.

That's the effect the meatlump theme park can have on a leveling character. That place even goes so far as to give you a quest for the meatlump wine, which is an additional 10% of bonus xp for the next hour after you drink it.

I was unable to really appreciate how much of a benefit that theme park is as I was already level 90 on all 5 toons when it first came out. The 2 crafters and the entertainer will never go through it without a profession change, and only the main went through the first time, mainly for the badges but I was able to see the humor in the writing. I still think it is a really good addition, and considering the meatlump king got his start in rumor on the forums, as the mob that drops everything, I think he lives up to his hype for mid level characters.

The gangs in Galaxies (meatlump, ragtag, skaak, mummer, etc) are for the most part harmless in comparison to some of the other more violent stories legacy will take you through. I'm happy to be done with spider on at least one of the leveling toons, but I still have to take the spy and his Corellian sand panther through that part of talus as well. Luckily, he should be able to sneak alot.

Everyday I fight the urge to buy more expansion packs for the TCG. Someone on the TCG forums said the best advise to players:

"Don't buy the packs to get the loot, by them because you want the cards to expand your deck."

The forums also went on to advise loot hunters to buy the packs and then trade them exclusively for the loot you want, which isn't a bad idea overall.

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