I've found that the only real thing I want from the TCG is more scenarios. I may be the only person alive who likes playing a trading card game against the computer, but my decks and knowledge of the game are becoming stronger and I'm starting to complete more of the scenarios on various difficulties.

I broke down and purchased COA for my third account yesterday. I had partially decided to attempt to level from 52 to 90 using collections and kill quests, but I abandoned that idea when I saw how much xp you receieve from a medium payout. Within the first 2 hours of returning to Kash, I'd already quested for 2 levels and a mission terminal put me on the good side of 55. With that I can start the search for the Meatlump king, and get some repeatables on.

Since both characters that I am leveling are on the same account (spy and medic), I've taken a leap frog approach to their development. I'm trying to level each one in 15 level increments. So at the moment, once I get the medic to level 60, then I will go back to leveling the spy up from 45 (and also finishing Legacy with him).

I've found this which some of you may find interesting. The art work here is incredible, and these are all the same as the cards. Having that many artist make that many cards has to be a decent sized undertaking, but overall I'm glad they did. I've heard some people complain about the TCG because you don't get real cards, in exchange for real money, but that argument is crazy because we don't get real anything in Galaxies in exchange for our real money here either.

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