Critique on cloning?

This may be relatively old news, but I was glad to see it. We also had come intersting hotfixes yesterday.

My DVR has alot of Clone Wars Episodes, and every time I sit down and try to watch them I remember why I haven't seen. It's not that I think the Clone Wars is bad, I liked the first iteration on Carton network right before EP3. It is that I think the Episodes try to hard to be something else. I think the camp factor of the Narrator in the beginning smells a little too much like StarShip Troopers, but the show itself fails to deliver the violence. I also find alot of the situations either too convenient, or too contrived.

Honestly, every Episode I see with Padme and Jar Jar makes me support the Empire even more. That ultimately is the real problem I have with the show. Rather than being a vehicle to flesh out new characters and tell how the war affected other people, it follows people we already know are busy, and people who we know won't die. Seeing Jar Jar in Ep3 means he's never going to have something happen to him here Anakin will always win, and we know he ges the girl.

It also disturbs me to no end that Asohka exists as Anakin's padawan, but apparently is neither important enough or alive to contribute to that 1089th night.

Ultimately I would have found the show better if it had been more about various clone squads or their jedi master, but I do find it entertaining to keep saying, "Hey, the trooper looks like Jango Fett!"

I've found myself playing alot of the TCG and it is a solid game. Building a solid deck is in some cases the hardest part, not counting the random aspect of card collecting. On my main account, I've gotten starter decks for each Avatar (probably not something I needed to do, but I didn't know that at the time), adn have also started customizing them. I've found that each archtype has it's own philosphy of play, and as a result the gameplay is changed.

I've written a few notes on powergaming here.

Having leveled the medic through Legacy, I find I'm at a crossroads on if I want to purchase COA again for the next account, or just try to level using the content of the original planets. A medium level collection gives 38350 xp, not counting xp buff benefit. That's just under 2x the amount of a mission terminal mission, and depending on the collection can be done fairly quickly. However consider my current level taked just under 200k xp to level, I don't think it's the most effective wayt o go about it.

Honestly, I just need to level up to 55 and then I can begin the search for the Meatlump King.

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