The Ecomony Shows no Mercy

Following the Free Server Transfer, I totally expected to be bombarded with tons of spam in Eisley, as well as a brand new servers economy of hyper-inflation. I'm gald to say that after moving to Flurry, items are as cheap, if not cheaper than on my home of Naritus, and definitely more available. I also have noticed a few things.
  1. Alot of people complain about the TCG, particularly the execution of the loot cards. In the beginning I remember thinking they should have made all the items schematics, so they would drive business to the traders. But then I remembered, that alot of people who have traders aren't hurting for money, per se. Also not everyone has easy access to a trader, and as we all remember we've had a ton of trader fraud scenarios of taking an item, and not giving it back, etc. It's not like weapons where the item can be bio-linked before trade and then unusable, we're talking speeders, houses and statues.
  2. Also complaining about the TCG cards being no-trade based on the account makes little because if the booster pack cards or item were tradeable, it would go one step further to driving the economy crazy. We've all seen how much Mandalorian part go for, or gold plated CU plaques, or even something simple like a Bane's heart. Tradeable Rare random rewards drives up the pricing on all item, and as we complain about our economy, this small change that isn't really affecting it shouldn't be a focal point.
  3. The next game update will focus on traders, and new housing and add ons were discussed. Honestly I have never seen just one update that didn't bring something else to the table, even it is just collections etc, so the in addition to our new potential housing, there will be barn add-ons for people to store more pets in their fully decorated house. I totally expect a good return on housing investments and diversity.

On a side note, I find being friends with good traders to be a real solution to getting expensive items!

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