Candy Canes on Christmas Eve

I promised a friend that I would plagarise part of his work. I also promised him I would make a post specifically for his level of Star Wars enthusiam, so here it is.

Luke Skywalker bested Darth Vader in combat, and was also his son. The 6 movies are about the rise, fall and redemption of Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader). There also is some stuff about a rebellion against tyranny and the power of democracy and determined individuals, and in the end we find out giant weapons of destruction all have some fatal design flaw, be it that they can trip (Ep5,6) or that someone put an exhaust vent with no curves directly to the power source. Essential Star Wars is a War in the Stars!

Back in game, a few interesting things happened yesterday.

First The Galactic Hunters expansion for the Trading Card Game came out, and it introduced new cards, new loot and new subsystems in the game. Personally I kinda like that I now can have units that protect me if I'm attacked. It's gonna take some time to get used to some of the finer features and really develop a deck that I don't get crushed in tournaments with.

Secondly, Gu8 came out and the notes can be found here. Of interest is this game update is the first time mayors and player cities have had a real update since they came into the game a few months after launch. I also like being able to see all of the guilds on the server as well as how many members there are for them. I think so far the change that has affected me the most was this one.

  • Item limit for structures that use 5 lots has been increased to 500. This change is retroactive.

The large naboo already had the 1300 with the additions, but 1400 is fantastic. That place is starting to look insane. Not to mention that I haven't used any of the one's from the TCG.

Now the reason I chose this title (outside of the plagarism request), is that it does bring about a good point. Alot of us take for granted just how many options there are in this game. There was alot of GU bashing yesterday in the GPD, but honestly this update shows just how many different things there are that affect players in this game. Many of our most vocal critics complain about combat, and while that is important, the thing that sets this game apart is how much other stuff there is to do besides combat. Crafting, decorating, housing, Player cities, Space, Entertaining, beast mastery, these are all slices of the Galaxies experience, some of which can't be found in any other game.

Truth be told, so many other MMO's are like Candy Canes on Christmas Eve, you can find their content is the same everywhere else.

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