Imperial Archtype or the War within

The Star Wars Galaxies trading card game, or TCG as it is more commonly called, features 4 archtypes that allow players different kinds of decks. I'm sure there are players with vastly more knowledge about the game than me, but the layout of it brings to mind something alot of people seem to take for granted.

The Sith are the enemies of the Jedi. The Empire is a rival to the Republic(s). These two taken alone are absolutes. I understand that the movies are adolescent fantasy, made for the indulgence of those with Peter Pan syndrome, but like all creative works, they must grow or stagnate. Star Wars has chosen to grow up alongside it's original fanbase, and as such it's a good move to incorporate this distinction.

Now I know what you are thinking, the Great Hyperspace War, or Palpatine's Empire were both launched off the concept of the extinction of the jedi, but fundamentally that is flawed. In one, the Sith empire had already enslaved the surrounding species and cultures, and in the other the Republic has become weak, long since abandoning the ability to effectively and fairly govern.

In Galaxies, the devs are looking into changes for the Galactic Civil War (GCW) and while the fanbase has been rabid about submitting ideas, they (the devs) are looking at a big picture. What is it, that makes this game unique, diverse yet all-encompassing. The founding idea of living my life in the Star Wars universe is one with such potential. In truth that potential will never be captured, because we all percieve our lives differently, but in essence that concept is living and breathing in every aspect of the game today.

Diversity begins with uniformity. There is no way to stand out from the pack without beginning in the pack. Being a part of the pack, and learning how the pack works is in large measure just the start of setting yourself apart. Yes, reducing our professions seemed to set us apart, but in a much more important way it freed us. SWG has existed longer in the NGE iteration than any other form. It now has stability, consistency, balance, content and entertainment value. Our professions are balanced and skilled players can be recognized as such. Long gone are the days of doc buffs to wear armor, and knockdown/dizzy attacks, and there no longer is a mind pool that can only be attacked by a few professions.

In so much as the game has grown, it to has changed according to the history of the fiction. Many people think that the game as it existed a launch was the best possible version: without content, without direction, without even space, but with people. I submit that people without a goal are a mob, and a mob is detrimental to progress. We initially had no goals, now we have them, and are better off for it. I think the TCG has taken a small but significant step in developing different points of view, an playstyles based off the deck you use.

We would all do well if only this type of thinking dominated out lives.

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