Back and Forth

This blog was inspired in large part by this one. I just wanted to get that out there first. However, I'm not a Talbo, I'm KogaWolfe, a pompous, contentious, obsessive, inflammatory, humorous, Imperial Human.

That said,

I could think of no more important fact to announce my healthy past time than
this. Yes, I purchased this the updated 3 volume Official Star Wars Encyclopedia. I had the previous versions and had long hoped the new updated content would come out. Like all encyclopedia, it is being outpaced as we speak, but it is a good reminder that there is a Keeper of the Holocron and that while I may not always agree with the companies direction, the history itself is being chronicled.

  • Yes, I play Star Wars Galaxies. I moved, like a lot of other people, to the Flurry Server from Naritus. No, I do not think SWG is a waste of a game. I've been in game for coming up on 6 years, and I always can find something to do. I have just over 250 badges on my main toon (guess the name), and I know I can get at least 275, if not 300 eventually.
  • I'm proud of the Dev team for turning the game around and getting in the content and changes we've needed. I don't regret the NGE as much as I should. I don't regret the CU, and I don't regret Pre-Cu. I also don't regret getting my elder jedi at the village. It seems all that Pre-Cu jedi, and village jedi went out the window when the playing field was leveled.
  • I plan on trying The Old Republic when it comes out, but I'm not holding my breath on it being a great game. I think it will do ok, and it will draw good numbers with the bright graphics that kids like. I think people will call it a success, because it will have easy to jump into combat/content, and I think it will make money, which is the overall goal of any game. I just don't think it will replace Galaxies for me.
  • I also think K.O.T.O.R. was overrated.

My plan for this blog, (as much as I plan for anything) is to be my repository for all things Star Wars/SWG related. I hope to update on Monday's Wednesday and Friday. I also plan to have a better template for this soon. Either way, it's late, and I didn't do the TCG sprints I'd considered starting, but that is a story for another time.

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